Using Digilent’s PMOD8LD with ZYBO FPGA board

This article explain how capabilities of powerful Xilinx FPGA ZYBO board can be expanded by using Pmod extensions from Digilent. Xilinx FPGA ZYBO board is perfect tool to learn FPGA programming. It is powerful but also a little bit limited if you compare to others boards from competitors. One of its limitation is amount of […]

VERILOG example using VIVADO 2015 with ZYBO FPGA board

Aim In this tutorial I will use Verilog with  classical FPGA design. I bought perfect modern FPGA board ZYBO (ZYnq BOard) based on Xilinx Z-7010 from Digilent but latest tools from Xilinx VIVADO 2015.2 more focused on AP SoC programming while I want to just pure FPGA design without any linuxes bootloaders etc. So I […]